Women purchase over 50% of movie tickets, yet represent only 30% of all Hollywood speaking roles. (Source: Variety) How many of your favorite cannabis films have a woman as the protagonist? Isn’t it time we had a cannabis film where women get to speak about their experience?


Females rock the box office. They are the drivers in movie ticket purchases since 2010, and that hasn’t changed. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a movie about women for women?  A movie that showed a business world full of women CEO’s rocking the Cannabis Industry? Real stories of real women involving social issues, especially gender equality, social justice, environmental protection, education and empowerment is what Mary Jane’s Film is all about.


“A new survey finds that 36 percent of executive positions in legal pot businesses are held by women, a considerably higher level than the average for U.S. businesses.” (source)

women in cannabis infographic

We hope to provide instances that will change the face of film by shedding light on one of the strongest industries for a woman today. Join the Puffragettes in Mary Janes Film: Women of Weed.


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