image7-1Sabria Still is an entrepreneur, human rights advocate and product specialist at Metropolitan Wellness Center; a Cannabis dispensary in Washington, D.C. Through social media she shares her experience in the Cannabis industry and DC/Maryland politics to educate and empower the youth to be civically engaged with their public servants. Her resilience to activate more leaders to address human rights violations, the lack of diversity in the industry and an imperatively more sustainable future have been recognized in High Times, The Montgomery County Sentinel, A&E and more. Aspiring to have a background in health policy, she has put herself in the position to be mentored by leading doctors in the cannabis industry and plans to continue working with the Maryland General Assembly.

Her work in the industry started in 2011 with, a cannabis culture website where she worked aside the CEO, Lenny Gaiter. In 2014, Sabria testified in support of the first draft of regulations set by the Natalie M. LaPrade MMCC (Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) and their efforts to move upward with a working MMJ program after more than 10 years of unregulated access to Cannabis. Picking up the legislative process led Sabria to pursuing like-minded citizens and local policy reform efforts by volunteering with Maryland NORML and eventually working for two Montgomery County delegates. Today, you can find Sabria as the Principal of her consulting company; Cannabis Industry Advising. She’s aiming to facilitate compliance education, successful event planning/promotion and myth busting through visual arts. As Cannabis gets closer to being dispensed in Maryland, literacy of the Endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid deficiencies will be the centerpiece of her treatment plan.

What social justice and/or criminal justice reforms do you want the US to make around its drug policy, particularly around cannabis?

I would like to abolish the practices of the Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration and Food and Drug Administration and see the funds between all parties allocated to a Department of Reparations. There is a clear sign of abuse of power, injustice and wrongdoing for generations and it ends now. Patent #6630507 and the current scheduling of Cannabis is a violation on human rights; principally our intelligence and health; therefore, it is vital that this generation work towards creating a fairer Department of Justice and legislative process. I would like to see a shift in policy makers’ educational background, ethnic background and the inevitable gender equality for balance. Common sense legislation is the end goal with fairness and freedom for all, a Drug Enforcement Agency turned rehabilitation service, and actual self-sustaining practices brought to us by the FDA. Outlawing Cannabis has prolonged slavery, excluded persons from safe and effective medical treatment, dispels their voting and human rights and much more. The levels of disenfranchisement is staggering, passed on from generation to generation with no end. A Coalition of the Willing is what’s needed to overturn the outdated and draconian lifestyle we are all so accustomed to for the country we all know and share.

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