The Purpose

Ganjaprenuers & Puffragettes unite in sharing awareness around the medical benefits derived from cannabinoids, i.e., weed, ganja, mary jane, etc. Let’s be mindful that it is not a name or only the name that determines how impactful the use of cannabinoids may be for medical or therapeutic applications.

At this point I should make a clear distinction regarding the contextual applications of the word “therapeutic” in this blog post. The word “therapeutic” will be used while referencing recovery from injury or the treatment for physically discomfort, but not an injury.

For example you may get hit by a pitch while playing baseball, but not injured. Well, that still hurts and a little therapy could relieve the pain, so that you may continue playing at your highest level of performance. The use of cannabinoids to relieve pain and discomfort is the focus of this blog post.

How does the medical and therapeutic use of cannabinoids relieve, heal, or remove the limiting effects of physical injury, physical hurt, and or disease?

The Seed

So let’s plant the seeds….

The First, medical use of marijuana to relieve pain and discomfort in order to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from fatal disease or injury.

As we plant any of our seeds let’s consider feeding them with resources, GreenFlower Media, a social media web site full of insights and knowledge about the use and development of cannabis products, claims that:

 “there are 1.6 million cancer patients in the US each year and over 600,000 will pass away. For all 1.6 million patients their quality of life should be a daily priority.”

A 2015 bladder cancer report found a 45% drop in this type of cancer as a result of using cannabinoids.

Cancer is the extreme.

What about the day-to-day pain from being hurt or on-going pain from an injury?

College and professional athletes is a population where I would find a higher percentage of injury and pain. From my experience, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and baseball are sports that create routine occurrences of individual pain and injury.

The Trim

In my opinion, the pain and injury from elite athletes is the trim of the cannabis plant, where the cancer patient, i.e., fatally ill patient, is the flower of the cannabis plant.

We should place more attention on the flower, and yet not forget the trim (leaf and stem).  

Essential oil that is used to create cannabis butter, oils, tinctures, and lotions are by-products of distilling the trim.  

Not limiting our curiosity may have been the mindset for scientists, who are curious about the whole cannabis plant and not just the female version and her blossoms.  

In fact for many of us, who are dealing with inflammation due to high-impact activities, we have discovered that CBD from hemp plant trim is a more effective solution for relieving pain and discomfort.

Finished Goods

In a recent Newsweek article, attention was brought to the 420 Games.  

Kyle Kingsbury, a military veteran and mixed martial arts fighter states his thoughts about the relief CBD provides by saying this:

“Now I can use cannabis in the form of CBD, and I also have an all-natural, plant-based, non-psychoactive anti-inflamatory . So basically I’m getting the same benefits without all of the side-effects of the pharmaceuticals.” 

In addition to changing the negative cannabis user image (stoner, lazy, spacey, etc), the high performance athlete may also run the risk of violating substance rules and guidelines.

Kingsbury further explains his dilemma:

“As fighters, we experience many of the issues most adults experience but on a much higher level… For example, quite a few people have chronic back pain and/or arthritis in addition to mental stressors from their work or family life.”   

The NBA and MLB still categorize marijuana the same as cocaine, morphine and heroine. These are narcotics, but this association is misleading because marijuana is not a narcotic.  

The finish goods for me will be found in making changes to the rules and guidelines that debunk the limited image of the cannabis products user.

 I believe high performance athletes are far better off combating pain with CBD than becoming addicted to a narcotic.


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