There is a thought, perhaps even a belief, that knowledge is power. To a certain point, I agree with

that as long as there is a fair and complete release of knowledge. Regretfully, in the United States we

have a history of delivering knowledge that is not fairly represented and, as a result misperception,

hatred, bias and perhaps even violence may result.  Specifically, when rumor or misstatement of fact has been

shared regarding race or cultural differences. This has resulted in persecution and violence similar to the

events and outcomes following the police shooting in California, Chicago, Missouri and New York.

The purpose of this blog is to share information “knowledge” that may complete the truth, debunk

rumor and half truths, about the cannabis industry and the use of cannabis products.



The Seed


I was raised on a farm and a farm kid learns very quickly about truth. Truth for a farm kid is all

around them because the truth is anchored in nature. For example, we plant seeds that are not

nurtured and harvested with care will yield less than optimal results. Seeds that are ill prepared

will also have little support when growing conditions do not provide adequate water, sunshine,

or nutrients. So it’s essential to have well prepared seeds because mother nature is unpredictable and may not

always deliver ideal growing conditions.



I do not forget my agri-centered roots but I can assure you there are many who evaluate a green business effort

without considering how seeds are planted. When those seeds deliver a quality product what benefit may/can

the product provide mankind.


For example, Gina Carbone, co-founder of Smart Colorado, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting

youth from marijuana, is planting many seeds about marijuana exposure to youth. In addition to Gina there

others sowing seeds of knowledge from Green Flower Media (GFM), Women Grow, and the many scientists

around the country who create well prepared and nurtured seeds of knowledge.




On April 5, 2016 one of GFM feature pieces of knowledge was titled, “How to talk to your kids

about cannabis”, by Catherine Hiller.  Catherine offers ideas and strategies for parents with

elementary to high school kids regarding the language and conversation you can use and

develop respectively as you tell the truth to your kids about cannabis. Both web sites for Smart

Colorado and  Women Grow  focus on education and enhancing community awareness.


Women Grow’s focus is toward educating women entrepreneurs while Smart Colorado’s focus is on educating

parents and communities about the marijuana facts studies and reports menu. This would be an example of

the different fragrances between Green Flower Media and Smart Colorado. Both sources of knowledge have a

philosophy and energy about how they prepare their seeds before they plant them in the community. Soil they

choose to cultivate. I review all sources so that I may have the most comprehensive supply of knowledge.

I further believe that the more knowledge from many well referenced sources increases my chances for

discovering a truth that represents many human desires.




The Trim

What grows from the seeds I/we plant can not be controlled as it grows and may not deliver a

harvest that is bountiful or beneficial. Smart Colorado has a legitimate concern

about Marijuana User Disorder (MUD) and the potential for anyone, but specifically kids under

21, to become addicted to marijuana.

I must pause here and make two distinctions between physical and chemical addiction while

also considering the definition of “disorder” as it is to define MUD. Even though marijuana is a

Schedule 1 drug, not a narcotic, it is not chemically addictive.


Regretfully, this detail is often times not included in discussions about the addictive power of marijuana.

Equally common is the exclusion of context for cases that make up the data categorizing and defining MUD.

There are socioeconomic factors that will influence MUD statistics as well federal and state regulations

that influence purchase and use of marijuana. This is source of knowledge from Green Flower Media and

Smart Colorado on this set of Trim.


There are varying opinions about this Trim knowledge and how much affect it can have on people of all ages.

For example, Marijuana User Disorder is not an addiction and yet MUD is tossed around to raise emotions

and regretfully mislead. MUD is real and should be watched so let’s put laws and societal guidelines in place to

lead our youth and not scare them. Society is managing the use and abuses of alcohol and tobacco let us learn

from our past and move forward discovering positive outcomes that will improve our communities.



Finished Goods

There are two Finished Goods. Medical marijuana use and recreational marijuana use. I will

assume we will all agree with this statement. Here are some more bottom line thoughts. There

are alcohol abusers, and marijuana abusers, that may or may not have MUD, and there are drug

addicts who are chemically addicted to Schedule 1 narcotics.

The numbers and types of people that make up these facts I will not quote or debate.  There are tragic

outcomes for any society.


World experts fundamentally agree that scare tactics and fear make little or no impact on changing addictive

behavior, chemical or physical. They also agree that the fear being shared is not from the abuser or

addict but from their families and communities they originate from.



So, knowledge is power!


Get some.

Plant well prepared seeds, that will grow the flowers of knowledge that will attract a positive purposeful

outcome intended to support everyone.

Discover the details of this evolution in the documentary Mary Janes The Women of Weed.


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