Notes From The Field: Filming in Oregon and Washington

On October 28th, I returned to my home state of Oregon to film some inspiring “women of weed”, including 3 of the 10 women listed in a recent Huffington Post article about Oregon’s successful [...]

Notes from the Field: Filming at the Denver Cannabis Diversity Summit

On May 15th, social activists from around the US converged in Denver for the Go G.R.E.E.N.E. Cannabis Diversity Summit.  “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed“ was there to capture the [...]

Notes From the Field: Myth Buster

  Purpose There is a thought, perhaps even a belief, that knowledge is power. To a certain point, I agree with that as long as there is a fair and complete release of knowledge. Regretfully, [...]

Medical Marijuana and Athletes

The Purpose Ganjaprenuers & Puffragettes unite in sharing awareness around the medical benefits derived from cannabinoids, i.e., weed, ganja, mary jane, etc. Let’s be mindful that it is not a [...]

Filming at the Women Grow Leadership Summit

Imagine you’re in an auditorium full of 1,200 women united around the same cause. You hear excitement in everyone’s voice. Your skin tingles with anticipation. As the lights dim, one of the [...]