1. Women make up 36% of senior leadership in the cannabis industry. (Source: Inc.) The national average is only 22%. Women are leaving other industries and joining—or starting—cannabis companies because of the unprecedented opportunity and lack of a “glass ceiling”.  There is no “boys club” precedence set and women see the potential for growth and social good in the nascent cannabis sector. When there are so many barriers in business for females, it is refreshing to see women lead the billion-dollar industry. Cannabis could be the economic reboot this country needs and who discovered that? Women.

The Atlantic reports, “According to Marijuana Business Daily, women make up about 36 percent of executives in the legal-marijuana industry, compared to about 22 percent of senior managers in other sectors. Women hold just 4.2 percent of the CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. At tech companies like Google and Twitter, disproportionately few executives and engineers are female.”  Why is that?


Sometimes the obstacles in place won’t allow for women to be managers and decision makers. It is time to change that stigma and introduce a new way of thinking about women who start up. They start fast. They endure. They succeed.

The Marijuana Fact Book states that there are 21,000-33,000 total marijuana businesses in the United States. This number is increasing as people see the benefits. Women have a strong foothold in the foundation. We need to keep it that way.

13920938_1772629912983571_2958281158928185922_n“Mary Janes: The Women of Weed” shows the groundwork women have done. Cannabis is a female plant, so it’s no surprise the roots of the industry go deep with the feminine power. Join us in showcasing “The Women of Weed” so audiences everywhere know just how it all began.




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